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All moving companies in California must be listed and carry a CA ?T-No?(189-613). Such carrier that do not have a CA ?T No? (189-613) are probably not licensed And insured against loss and damage with the PUC.once you have the names of possible moving companies; you may call the PUC at 1-800-366-4782. Verbal estimates are not binding. You can ask from us to send you an estimator to provide you with a binding Estimate in writing. (Not available for us in all areas). If company cannot send you an estimator make sure that the following is transfer to you by email or fax.


  • Hourly rate (ask if after certain hours the rate can go up)
  • Minimum hours that the moving company charge regardless to the size of the job.
  • Any charges for fuel, miles or if tax applies for the move or for materials.
  • Free use of wardrobe boxes at the day of the move (only on local)
  • If double drive time apply for your specific move.
  • Prodigy Moving never charge for stairs, elevator, carry and fuel or all kind of other fees you may encounter in the past. We send professional movers that will come on time and will provide you with a pleasant experience, will work fast and safe (Local & Long Distance).

Long distance:

  • Price per lbs! (Do not rely on total. The weight of your valuables may be greater than what you expect so make sure you will have the price per lbs in writing.)
  • Ask if price per lbs change if your valuables weight more than a certain amount.
  • Ask if there is any charge for stairs, elevator or excessive long carry.
  • Ask for various charges like fuel, miles or any tax apply for the move or for materials.
  • Please make sure that you will receive a list of materials and prices prior to the move. On long distance we do not charge by hourly rate. Price per lbs will include time for Wrapping all your furniture loading into the van and unloading at destination. Ask if there is any charge for moving blankets

Weighing your goods:

  • When your charges are based on weight, a certified weight master on certified scale Would weigh the moving van before and after loading. You may observe the actual weighing or you may ask us to notify you of the charges by telephone, fax or email as soon as the goods are weighed. You will receive from us copies of the weight certificate before and after the loading take place.
  • No extra charge will be made for reweighing!

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"The move went awesome. Your guys are amazing. We were pretty much unpacked and ready to start our workday on Saturday. The two gentlemen you had come and help us pack on Friday and then came back again on Saturday were amazing. I would recommend you guys to anyone I know who needs packers and movers. Thank you very much!"
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Any Problems with Your Move? Our Owner Barak Would Like to Know Or you can reach Barak at any time to hear your concerns and/or compliment. We are never tired to hear how good our staff are so A big "THANK YOU !" to all of our repeat customers in Los Angeles, San Francisco and around California that keep supporting our company and returning to us, you will always be welcome with big a smile and a great appreciation for your business.

Your business is very important to us NOW more than ever and like any successful business we must rely on you for returning to us and referring your friends and family, rest assure that all your referrals will be getting the same outstanding service that you got from us. We will keep our rates competitive with great promotions for your friends and family members.Ask from your customer service rep to get you free limited amount of boxes and tape. Free Box Delivery, Free use of wardrobe boxes.601 S Figueroa St #4050, Los Angeles, CA 90017